Puppy Fun

I have loved and felt at home with animals my entire life. From a child who had a parakeet and a hamster but couldn’t wait to own a horse of my own to walking in nature and in every neighborhood, city, state and national park I could possibly visit. And noticing all of the wide variety of wildlife, from ever so tiny to larger than me and even birds in flight. I really appreciated all the experiences. It was even more meaningful to be in a park than walking through the zoo. But, the city zoo was also a great way to start getting exposed to a wide variety of animals.

The Columbus Ohio Zoo is amazing. We have been blessed to see Polar bears, Pink Flamingo’s, Snakes, Manatee, Koalas, and a wide diversity of creatures at our zoo. Again, another opportunity to feel blessed.

All the way to  being a mom with little kids to raise who wanted and needed a puppy as much as I did. Oh, what a joyous time to spend your days with animals. They know how to love unconditionally in the moment. And they sure know how to tune into your energy. Animals are very tuned into life. By default, they trust their instincts (their divine energy) much more than humans. We can learn a lot from animals. I know that I have.

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