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Intuition. We are all born with the divine gift of intuition. It is not always recognized as a gift, though, and is often not part of our world as we grow from child to adult — so we often don’t trust it as a reliable source.

I agree with an article I read in the Huffington Post — “10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently.”

  1. They Listen to that Inner Voice
  2. They Take Time for Solitude
  3. They Create
  4. They Practice Mindfulness
  5. They Observe Everything
  6. They Listen to their Bodies
  7. They Connect Deeply with Others
  8. They Pay Attention to their Dreams
  9. They Enjoy plenty of Down Time
  10. They Mindfully let go of Negative Emotions

My desire is to help YOU see the Beauty and Brilliance in the Essence of YOU, bring you Clarity, Heal your Pain (physical or emotional), and help you to create a Life of Happiness, Health and Abundance in all that you do.

I had a recent client who needed a session urgently to bring clarity to her life because she was shrouded in mystery, doubt and confusion. After our lengthy and intense evening session, she came out with a clear feeling of relief followed by rich clarity and a deep sense of peace. She has followed up with me each day with more encouraging signs. Her daily life is now abundantly better. And she has plans to move forward, where before her life was stalled. The unique perspective of a caring and talented coach/energy worker can make all the difference in your life

I have now opened my schedule for additional time slots for My life is Happy, Healthy and Full of Abundant Energy transformational sessions. Contact me today to schedule your powerful free session.

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