The Art of Self Love

Rosey Glasses

The importance of Self-Care & Self-Love is often overlooked… especially in February with Valentine’s Day! Truly, it is essential for our success and happiness in all areas of our lives. I was raised, like many, to take care of others first. However, there is a big flaw in that plan.

We need to fill ourselves up first, every single day before we can successfully reach out— or we become exhausted.
We must recognize and acknowledge that our needs for mind/body/soul must come before anything else. After that, it is much easier to serve any way I choose… and do it with a joyful heart. Since I make a point to regularly nurture myself, I am able to see the beauty in each soul and situation — instead of being distracted and overwhelmed with the current drama of the moment and only experiencing the fear, anger, anxiety and unfairness of life sometimes.

I am speaking from personal experience, here. When you continue to ignore the messages from your mind/body/soul — the messages keep getting louder and harder to avoid. So, take this friendly reminder… do not wait until you feel like you have been run over by a dump truck or end up in the hospital… listen to that repetitive message. It is well worth it. And yes, I do walk around my life wearing rose-colored glasses. I prefer it that way. Maybe you might, too. Give it a try ?

Try some of these Simple Self-Care/Love Techniques ???

  • Place a rose-quartz crystal in your re-usable water bottle
  • Visualize yourself surrounded by a pink translucent bubble of LOVE all day/night
  • Wear the color of love when you feel inspired
  • Get grounded & connected to love & light through deep breathing, meditation, running, spending time in nature/animals, cooking, reading or writing… YOU know what makes you feel the best. Schedule it in your day
  • Recognize all that you are thankful/grateful for everyday: people, places experiences, things! Start making a list on a regular basis.
  • Be happy, silly and just have some fun… like a child does
  • Sleep ~ rest, relax and re-charge your batteries
  • Listen to your body for what healthy & whole foods/drinks your body desires
  • Exercise your body, alone or with friends
  • Love and accept the beautiful person you are. Focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses

Contact Me, if you’d like help finding the beauty & power in YOU ?

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This article is one from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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