Playing on the Beach

The beauty of nature calls to me deeply and resonates to the depth of my being, and one of the most peaceful places for me is the beach and the ocean — enjoying the surf and the sand. Just being there at Sunrise or Sunset can reset my soul! Walking on the sand barefoot connects me to mother earth and I am grounded instantly. Watching and listening to the sea birds is fascinating.

If you visit the beach, pay attention to the sand crabs and the action happening ‘on’ the beach… ‘in the sand.’  Notice what is happening down by your feet as well as out to sea and up in the air… I can stay at the beach all day. And by starting early and staying late you may find that you’re blessed with solitude to enjoy without the crowds.

I am not really after a suntan, although that may be what you love. You might be like me, and enjoy walking, collecting sea shells and just ‘being there.’

I like to find a spot that feels just right and hang out while others in my group go walking or exploring. Sometimes I get lost in a novel. But on my most recent trip, I just closed my eyes for a moment and listened to the surf, the birds, the wind and the surrounding nature. I love to feel the surf occasionally kissing my toes. This time, though—

While I was deep into relaxing, the surf did much more than that. It came up loud and strong and landed in my lap! LOL.

I was lucky that my phone and my Nikon camera were on my chest as I relaxed in that low beach chair. The only things that got wet were my shorts and my sleeves of my sweatshirt, so I just laughed in off. So after I opened my eyes with a jolt I joined my friend walking on the beach in my dripping clothes and my soul that just was filled to overflowing with the grace of God and the beauty of nature.

Another good day at the beach. Amen.

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