Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy

Everything in our world is Energy.

Now I want you to feel it!

  • Rub your hands together until you feel the warmth. And then slowly separate them back & forth to feel the energy & warmth in your hands.
  • Do you sense the energy “ball” in your hands by moving them back & forth? Play with it a bit. Have fun…
  • You can set the intention to send this ball of love and light to yourself which is a beautiful act of great self-care. You can also send additional energy balls of love & light/joy/health/abundance to any person or animal that day. You can even send this loving energy to a situation that needs positivity. Experiment with this… Believe in Magic and Miracles. The more people you get involved the more powerful it can be. You can even toss the ball from one person to another, each of you adding your own intention… whether is be an added angel, color, intention, crystal, healing message, abundance or pure love. The options are endless…. Typically the ball gets larger as items are added. And at the end, the last person lifts it up to the air sending to to love and light to be received by the intended reciever. Some people may notice this divine gift as you sent it; and others will not. It does not matter, because the gift was sent and it will have a positive impact.

I am currently scheduling “Energy Balancing to Maximize my Creativity” sessions. Call, email or message me to schedule your free session.

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