Being in the Here & Now

Being in the Here & Now

Living in the moment — Being in the Here & Now — is an essential concept for living a joyful life. And often I do it several times throughout the day as a refresher. It is easy to incorporate into you daily life, once you make it a routine.

Just follow these steps:

Being in the Here & Now

  • Imagine/Pretend that there is a powerful magnet in the center of your head. “See” the magnet in your imagination.
    • Yes, you can do that, you are creative. Be the kid, in you : ) 
    • This magnet can collect all of your time, effort and energy from the past and bring it to the center of your head. Feel that — see it happening.
  • Now do the same thing with all the time, effort and energy you have focused on your future. Bring it back the the here in now at the center of your head.
  • And lastly, collect any other energy outside of the center of your head that is a distraction of any kind.
  • Just breath and relax.
  • You have now focused on the Right Here and Right Now; which is the only part of life that matters. It is the only part that you can impact. So be here and enjoy it.

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