Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road

Has life thrown detour signs in your face when you thought you knew where you were going? Or have you landed in a pothole emotionally or road closed when you were just living normal life? Your life is good and you are happy… until one day when you are not. Right?!? Some of you may have lost a life-defining job, or got in a car accident, or even got diagnosed with a scary illness. Or any number of other unwanted situations.

We normally label these things as “bad.” And at first, that is exactly how it feels. Be genuine about how this experience is impacting you & your life. Face it & Be Honest! Then heal and let it go… Otherwise this is just one more thing slowing you down and getting in your way! You don’t want to get stuck there and stay as a victim. Believe me, I tried that; no fun! All of the above have happened to me… and I survived.

I now have a much broader and more neutral perspective; and I view these bumps in the road, as just that. Bumps! not Stop Signs. I know that every thing I have survived, is one more thing that I’ve learned from and have grown stronger and more resilient. Let me know how I can help you manage the bumps in your road…

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This article is one from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.


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