Grounding & Connecting to Love & Light

Grounding & Connecting

I start everyday by grounding myself to mother earth and making sure I am connected to love and light. It is essential for living a joyful life. And often I do it several times throughout the day as a refresher.

It is easy to incorporate into you daily life, once you make it a routine just like the earlier post about being in the here and now.

Just follow these steps:

This is my daily system:

  1. Be in the Here & Now (click to read this previous post in a new tab)
  2. Grounding and Connecting to Love & Light
  • To start the grounding process, I close my eyes and imagine my favorite tree. And I imagine/pretend (yes, creativity is healthy) that I am standing on the ground (literally or energetically) and that out of my feet are growing deep and wide tree roots that are grounding me into mother earth. Just like a tree does to stay stable in the harsh weather. These roots go very deep and very wide, and though this connection I gain nutrients and power from the earth. This is essential. And I am very grateful for this gift. All I have to do is ask to connect.
  • I feel/imagine/pretend that a warm golden healing abundance energy is flowing from the earth up into  the bottom of my feet and into my body. Like a flow of liquid gold.
  • I imagine the loving, healing, warmth filling my toes and my feet on each foot. Then it moves up my ankles and shins. Everywhere this gold flow touches is blessed and better because of it.
  • The flow continues up my thighs and into my hips. For fun, I like to wiggle my hips like a hula dancer for a moment. I’m sure you can imagine little kids doing that with me. So, why not you? Have some fun…
  • And I let the flow continue until it reaches my stomach, abs, lungs and heart. As well as going up my lower back mid back and upper back. Any areas of your body that need a little extra love… just pause, and let the energy focus more intensely… It is all good!
  • Next, with my eyes still closed, I literally reach up above my head as if I were the tree branches reaching up to the sky. And I set an intention to magically reach 300 feet in the heavens. And when I get there, I know I have connected with my home. I pause and soak in the glory. Again, I am connecting with the source of liquid gold. This time it is coming down from above.
  • Soon I can see/feel it filling my fingertips and the palms of my hands. This is so powerful. Followed by my wrists and lower arms; elbows and upper arms. When it reaches my shoulders I pause because the healing energy is also entering through the very top of my head. It moves with grace and ease filling every crevice, molecule, blood vessel, DNA strand and much more  with diving love. It continues through my head, and I can feels it energizing my ears (including my warming my face and the back of my head) spreading love and healing. As the energy reaches my chin is continues down the front and back of my neck until it reaches my shoulders.
  • Now this is the vicinity where the two energies (from below and above) combine together like a beautiful energy fountain — more powerful when combined than separate. The Heart is the key organ where everything meets. This Synergy creates a powerful protective energy “bubble” around each of us. This energy is very protective and healing. I do this process every morning; and sometimes multiple times a day… when I need an extra boost!
  • Many days I see this healing energy as “gold”, but there are other days where it feels iridescent and shinny. You pick what works best for you each time. This grounding experience and the journey are always personal and unique.

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