“I Believe Most People are Good… and Most Mama’s Oughta Qualify for Sainthood”*

Mothers Day

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. 

~Rudyard Kipling

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (in the United States). Now is the time to celebrate Mom’s in your life: whether it be your birth mom, adopted mom, grandmother, wife or other mother figure. And even if your mother has passed on, you can still pause—remember, and honor her! Stand up and recognize her with more gusto this year. She deserves it. Or, if she would rather have quiet time spent together, respect her wishes— sit in nature, canoe down a river, ride in a hot air balloon… or share a coffee and scone with heartfelt conversation (focused on listening instead of talking)… the options are endless.
So surprise her with breakfast in bed, a visit, phone call or gift/card… plus try something a little different this year, and also give her the gift of Heart-Felt Listening. “Mom” has always been there for you to lean on. When is the last time that you ask her about her life when she was younger: her dreams and aspirations, biggest accomplishments or fears… the list can go on and on… Enjoy this genuine communication!
* Luke Bryan song “Most People are Good”
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