The Universe responds to how you feel!

The Universe is not responding to who you are. The Universe is responding to who you think you are. The Universe is responding to who you feel you are.

~Abraham Hicks

We all work hard and do our best, most of the time. Yet, sometimes it feels like we are fighting an uphill battle. This applies to everything; including your love life, career, education, family, finances, life purpose and overall life satisfaction.

Instead of always focusing on the age old mantras: no pain no gain, success requires hard work and plenty of blood, sweat and tears — I’m suggesting a new way of thinking. The energy on the planet is changing. And our approach to life can change too. Decide today to focus on how you want to FEEL. Hmm… what do you desire the most? Is it feeling safe & at peace, financially free & empowered; healthy, happy & full of abundant energy? Take some time to be really honest with yourself. Yes, this is a different way of moving forward in life, for sure. But have your other methods been working for you? Once you feel the feeling of already accomplishing your goals—success is inevitable. It just takes practice. Believe me it works! However, if you keep repeating the “reality mentality” of lack, fear, doubt and worry — guess what you are going to keep getting? More of the same. The choice is yours!

If you’d like some useful tools to help you on this journey, just let me know. I have a number of them that I find very helpful. Remember the more you practice. The easier it gets

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