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Healing Help - Angels

We are continuing the topic of communicating with our angels as we discuss healing help. This month I am focusing on Archangel Raphael. The message from this deck is “I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer like me.” If you want additional information about this deck, you can refer to last month’s article in Amid Angels Blog (May 17, 2018) where I introduced myself and the Messages from Angels Oracle Deck.

Archangel Raphael surrounds physical ailments with emerald green healing light. This energy surrounds your body and the challenged areas. The light is automatically absorbed where it is needed. Talk to Raphael as if he were your best friend and confidant. Share your deepest fears, anxieties and burdens. Once you unload this low vibration reality of emotion, choose to Let It Go! Who better to assist you than an archangel?

You can simply make a choice/decision to “let it all go” if that makes sense to you. But if just stating the words does not feel valid or lasting—and you need more, I have other suggestions, too. For these exercises, make sure you ask your angels to walk with you, surround you and bring you peace and confidence as you proceed.


You can do any of these literal or visualization exercises with great success.

Start by closing your eyes, taking several deep breaths while relaxing your shoulders and any other part of your body that feels stiff.

Exercise A

Healing Help - WaterImagine that you are by a lovely body of water —This can be done literally, or through visualization. WATER is a powerful purifying and cleansing element of nature. The water can take a variety of forms. Choose one that calls out to you: a waterfall, sparkling babbling brook or walking into the salty nourishing ocean waters to play with a dolphin. Any of these will work well. You can also make up your own: as simple as your own daily shower, the hose that you water your garden with or pretending that you are going through an energetic car wash. Regardless of your specific technique, by entering the water, you can imagine you are releasing your worries, fears and struggles into the moving waters. As you continue to move through this cleansing Gaia energy… the Universe removes the baggage you have been dragging behind you because you are now ready. You first connected with your angels and second, you set your intention that this would work. Our mind/body/spirit is much more powerful than we have realized. Give this a try. You have a lot to gain, and very little to lose.

Exercise B

Healing Help - FireAnother powerful and equally effective technique (once you’re grounded, connected and setting your intentions as above) — is to release all of your unwanted baggage using the mother earth power of FIRE. You can use a campfire, fire pit, fireplace or anything that makes sense to you and is safe. Similar to our earlier example of water, you can do this literally if you feel inspired to connected to the feeling or action of throwing things into the fire, watching it burst into flames and see them turn to dust.

OR if you want all the benefits of this experience without the time, hassle or energy of creating it — you can choose to be relaxed, grounded, connected and focused on imagination and visualization of this same process while deeply and with feeling end up with the same result. It is simply a matter of setting your intention. So, the choice is totally yours, what is your preference? The more you believe in it and dig deep with your feelings for this process, the more effective it is.

And remember, always Thank Your Angels for their healing help and continued growth and expansion!

Expect Magic and Miracles… Diane

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