Soul with a Body

“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul”
~Wayne Dyer

Whether you realize it or not, YOU are AMAZING! As I connect with people for life coaching and intuitive readings, I tune into the SOUL of each person. That is where I clearly see your divine strengths, gifts, talents and abilities. I can also help you identify the root of your challenges, repetitive disruptive patterns and weak points. As humans, we often get stuck with the drama/trauma of right now — whether that is Career/Job, Physical Body, Relationships/Romance, Life Purpose, Cash Flow etc.

I have a neutral perspective, and because of that, I can see the Big Picture for you. Stop beating yourself up. If you are struggling to reach a goal — simply say to yourself… It’s OK that I have not figured this out YET, because I know I will very soon. I love that word, yet. Change your perspective, take a break, ask for help, find new people or resources to assist.The possibilities are endless.

I am a spiritual person with a deep connection with Angels and Mother Earth. We are all born with our own personal version of these gifts/clairs. However, if you are not taught how to develop these abilities and use them regularly — they can be forgotten or at least a little “dusty” from lack of practice.

Like riding a bike…

For example, as children, we often get very good at riding a bike. Starting with a tricycle and working up to a small bicycle with training wheels and then gradually up to a 10-speed or a mountain bike. If as adults, we haven’t ridden a bicycle for years, we may be intimidated to start riding again. Please realize that bicycling is great exercise, you are out in nature and its also a great source of connection with family or friends. Plus, its fun once you get your confidence back! So, start slow and give it a try. There are even adult bicycles with 3 wheels to helps those who feel their balance is challenged—but they still desire the freedom of a bicycle. The same process (use it before you lose it) applies to our spiritual gifts. (*A future article will go deeper into out human senses vs our spiritual gifts/senses/clairs.

Connecting daily with your angels is essential to a meaningful and happy life.

— Diane

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