Is it Time to Start The Next Chapter?

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”
~ Anonymous

I love to read! And at times I choose to read a favorite book again because I get more out of the story the second time. However, in life when we get stuck in repeat mode… it is like running on a hamster wheel. We are getting nowhere fast! Is it time to start the next chapter of your life?

I can relate to this with my health, and also with my purpose in life. After my kids were getting older, I knew I wanted more. I just hoped, wished, dreamed and looked. The only action I took was studying more courses and increasing my education. I expected “people in the know” to somehow have all my answers. For many years, I was reluctant to take bold and decisive action to move forward. I had every excuse in the book (lol). Yet, once I tuned into my higher power and trusted my guidance — I bravely took a passionate step or two, even though it scared me, and I never looked back!

Whatever keeps coming up for you, it is time to listen and take mindful action. Make a choice and move in the direction of your dreams. Start today, and everyday take another step. Pretty soon, you will be going places! And, it is a lot of fun. Enjoy this journey!

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