How to Get What You Need!

Get What You Need

“Faith is an internal knowing, that the All Creating Spirit provides What You Need — Precisely on Schedule”

How is your life going lately? Are you feeling excited about sharing your talents while you grow, evolve and experience changes that match your desires? Or, are you still stuck in life — trying to control everything and continually hitting road blocks? This happens to many of us as we journey. Myself included.

I realized that opening my heart to The Universe and being clear on what I want (speaking from my heart-not my ego) has made all the difference in the world. I often recommend to my clients, that instead of focusing on a specific job or certain person to solve their problems that they switch their focus to how they want to feel in these situations.

Do you notice a significant shift in the energy? Try options like “I want to feel Loved for Who I am.” Or “I want to Make a Positive Impact on Others.” Even, “I Feel Healthier and Happier every day when I Exercise” and the list goes on and on… Change your perspective and ask the Universe to bring you what you desire or something even better.

Start by focusing on what you love, or what you used to love and walked away from. Sit quietly with those experiences and tune into what you enjoy most about it? I bet it was fun. What else? Were you creative? Are you using your inherit gifts? Is it new and exciting? How about an adventure? I bet it doesn’t really even feel like much effort anymore? Hmm.. I think you are on to something here!

— Diane

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This article is one from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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