Have Faith in Your Abilities

Have Faith in Your Abilities

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

~Norman Vincent Peale

Hooray! I know you are dedicated and consistently growing and expanding with your passion. But are you taking consistent action? Are you putting yourself out there in your industry in a humble and confident manner to be seen and heard? I certainly know what this is like, because I lived through my career change when I followed my passion. I was so good at learning and growing and adding to my list of skills, talents and abilities. And that is where I was stuck — like running in a hamster wheel. Yikes! Being seen as “ME” was very scary. I was filled with doubts and fears and I did not know how to move forward with my success. But then I learned how to get over my roadblocks, connect with my clients, start making a positive difference in peoples lives and earning an income. Now I want to HELP YOU!

I am a compassionate, successful life coach and energy practitioner who can work with you to identify your hurdles and jump over them with grace and ease. Or, if you know where you want to be and just want to get there faster,  I CAN HELP with that too. 

 — Diane

Contact me today!

This article is one from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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