Be Creative — Reveal the True You

Be Creative

Do not Be Afraid. Now is the time. Express your creativity in the truest form”
~Diane Faist

We are all born with creativity. It takes many forms: painting, creating computer coding or baking — the list goes on and on. But this is the juicy stuff that comes from your heart and your inner spirit. This is not the facts and figures from your mind. Just pause, and stop critiquing yourself. LOL Remember as a child, you were more free with expressing yourself. Guess what, all that amazing, magical energy is still inside of you. It is so eager to come out and play. But you have likely forgotten about it and it has been shoved down into the hardly used corner of your psyche.

Guess what, we are now going to start digging around in there and opening up this magical box of inspiring fun and creative surprises. Do not get overwhelmed. You can start with baby steps. The key is to start at the very beginning. The very best place to start.

The pastel angel above, is one I created at a retreat almost a year ago. It was so fun to just play and flow with the art. A friend that was with me at the outing, told me that it reminded her of Lucille Ball. Ha ha ha. So, I ended up giving her the art to keep. But I still have this photo of it. I am continuing to explore other avenues of creativity, too. And I want you to explore more as well. Go where the spirit leads you.

Crack Open Your Magic — 

  • You are amazing
  • Remember what you love to do
  • Or, start something brand new
  • How do you feel like expressing yourself today?
  • Just begin….

Ok, so you might be thinking — Great, I am being creative right now. This was kind of fun. But so what, Now I need to get back to the real world and be serious again. Whoah, slow down. Creativity can be a part of our lives everyday. And it should be! Whether we are listening to our favorite music and dancing, creating mastery in the kitchen or sewing a quilt or halloween costume… this is all part of what feeds our soul and makes us feel whole and complete.

We need to care for all of us daily, if possible. We all need balance. Too much of anything is just that… too much! I love to go outside and enjoy a cup of hot coffee early in the morning and just relax and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. This is tuning into God’s creativity, which inspires me. When I take down-time for me on a consistent basis, everything is better. And it feels like the rest of the world gets put on pause for a few moments. Give it a try.

— Diane

Open up to your creative juices. I’d love to schedule a FREE 15-minute creation session where we can connect and get your creativity flowing! I work virtually so that you are always in a place and time that is most comfortable and convenient for you.

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This article is one from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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