Do You Recognize the Sparkling Gemstones Within You?

Gemstones Within You

“Are you aware of the depth and diversity of the hidden gemstones within You? Trust your gentle, loving guidance. Reach into your soul and retrieve these sparkling gifts. Change your life Today! Switch from Simply Surviving to Simply Thriving!”

Diane Faist

Yes, the world is changing and evolving. The energy on this planet is shaking us up, and turning some of us Inside Out or Upside Down. WOW! Sometimes, it’s harsh weather, or relationships may be spiraling out of control, or maybe our pre-conceived expectations with career or education are just not being met. We end up fighting change, instead of Allowing the Universe to provide what is best! Regardless of the label, change is happening. And Change is Good if you are Open to Allowing! How are you dealing with these changes?

I choose to see the beauty and strength in myself and others during big changes and everyday. I focus on what I want in my life. A Pessimist expects ‘bad’ things to come into their life, and they often experience those things, reinforcing their expectations. What they don’t realize is that their outlook influences their outcomes. Whatever we focus on daily with our thoughts, words and actions is actually asking the Universe to bring more of that into our lives. Hmm… I focus on happiness, good health, yummy healthy food, loving my business, helping other people, enjoying time with family and friends, nature, music, animals, finding balance, abundant energy… Expecting JOY in everyday life is one of my favorite Sparkling Gemstones! What do you focus on daily?

What are your hidden gemstones? Some you have used in the past when they were sparkly and bright. Yet others are still hidden. When I work with you, I tune into your essence, your true self. That is why I can more easily see your sparkling gemstones and your bad habits and challenges. I never judge your current circumstances. I am compassionate, supportive and understanding. And, if you have a blind spot or two — as most of us do — I can help you with that as well. Remember, I am not evaluating your human body with perceived limitations and restrictions. I see the Universal YOU and help you to define and reach your goals and dreams faster. I am eager to work with you. My spiritual gifts can assist you with virtually all areas of life: career, relationships, personal growth, health, soul’s calling and more. Let’s reach for the stars! Let me help you collect as many sparkling gemstones as you desire.

— Diane

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This article is one from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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