I am Leading You to the Answers to Your Prayers

Your Angel

This month I am focusing on Angel Adriana. The message from this deck (Messages from your Angels, Oracle Cards — by Doreen Virtue) is “Please listen to and follow the steps I am communicating through your intuition, thoughts and dreams.

Angel Adriana wants you to know that your prayers have been heard and the angels are glad you have asked them to help you. As we talked earlier, the angels only help you if you ask for their help (unless it is an emergency). The way that they answer your prayers is often by giving you strong and repetitive guidance that leads you to follow the steps toward your higher self’s will. Really tune in and pay attention to thoughts and feelings, vivid visions, dreams, angel numbers or auditory messages urging you to take action or make some changes. You are not making this up. You are not going crazy. Lol…

Often these steps are literally and energetically moving you upward and onward. This could be in your love life, your career or education or your health. Money is also a big concern for many people. The most important message here is to “allow” it to all fall into place naturally. Spill your hearts desires to the angels, and then just let it go! Do NOT get too fixated on trying to control all the details of ‘HOW’ this is all going to happen (who, what, where, when, why…) with your ego. Trust that you will be safe and protected while you follow this divine guidance. Because you will be safe. Together, you and the angels will work together to create your answered prayers. You will be so pleased with how it turns out. It will be much lovelier than you ever imagined it…

Remember to slow down, get grounded and connected to love and light. These steps need to become a regular habit and a routine. It will make everything else in your life easier. When you are calm and at peace you can really start to ‘hear’ these quiet messages that much easier. When you hit the pause button in life for a moment, notice what is around you: listen, watch, hear and touch. Maybe even taste. What are you aware of? Take notice. Consider carrying a small notebook to jot things down in.

Candle Glow

If you come across a time or place when you are not getting the clear answers you desire, do not despair. Maybe you need to sleep on it and give the clear message a little more time to develop. Or, you can do a review of your life and you may find a repetitive message that you have been ignoring. Hmm… I wonder what that means? Just sit with that awhile and let the message sink in. You can also ask the angels to communicate again in a new way that is more direct yet loving, kind and clear so you will not miss the message.

There are many ways to search for answers. You can also draw cards from an Angel Oracle Deck like the one we are using in this article. We are all unique. Some people enjoy traditional meditation or yoga for centering and getting present in order to get their answers. Some like powerful instrumental music. Others enjoy physical activity like running to get into their deep connection time. Experiment and find your way. It is very well worth the effort.

Just make sure that when ‘crazy’ things in life start to happen with people or situations, don’t just assume it is your fault or all because of you. Many times it may feel that way, but the other person or situation is the one making this adjustments. You are just picking up on it and assuming this feeling is yours. Guess what, most of the time it belongs to someone else. Just work on taking care of your energy and cleaning up anything that does not really feel genuine to you. I am sending many abundant angel blessings to you and yours.

Expect Magic and Miracles… Diane

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