Are Your In Tune with Your Body?

Listening to Your Body

“Stop overthinking and listen to the messages of your body.”
~Diane Faist, Dianergy

We lead busy lives filled with a variety of people and responsibilities. Each of us is unique, yet our frustrations with how to deal with the abundance of overwhelm shows some similarities. When you choose to slow down and make yourself a priority, life gets much easier. Or at least your ability to manage everything makes more sense.

A good place to start is to carve out time for you, just you. Find a peaceful place and time where you can find clarity. Hopefully you can do this before you body starts yelling at you.loudly. (Been there, done that). My favorite time to meditate or get connected is early in the morning in nature. Another effective option I enjoy is classical or spa music to turn down the dial on an overpowering world and tune into the essence of me. During this time, I calm my mind and tune into my breathing. I get connected to my deep roots in the earth as well as the divine above.

In Tune with Your Body

Once I am in the zone and surrounded by a fountain of love and light, I start my conversation with myself, my guardians, guides and angels. Then start asking…Am I listening to the messages my body is sending me? Do I love myself and my body? Or, am I mad at some part of me and full of frustration that my body is letting me down, again? Try something new, love your body (inside and out). Accept who you are right now. And really truly thank your body. Then listen closely to what it is telling you. Just give this a try. You will be amazed that a whole new world opens up for you to explore.

Let me know how I can assist you on this journey. Once you start down this path, you will never want to turn back. It just keeps getting richer, deeper and more fascinating.

— Diane

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This article is one from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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