Dream Big…

Dream Big

Do You Dream Big? Where do you focus your time, effort and energy?

Have you heard the saying ‘you get what you expect?’ Well, it’s true. We humans like to prove that we are right in our thoughts and beliefs. If you have lots of confidence and bravado in life and you boldly go where your heart leads, you will get there. However, it is rarely a straight path to get there! And that is ok. Equally true, if you have no faith and trust or lack the confidence to take action, you will be stuck and likely get nowhere. So, you will likely reach that destination. Yikes!

So Dream Big. Listen to that quiet, loving inner knowing inside. Trust it! Imagine yourself living the life of your dreams. If that is tricky, close your eyes and visualize what you want. You can take this in baby steps. The key is to keep moving forward. Another helpful technique is to list everything you do not want. That brings clarity and contrast in life, so we can connect more easily with what it is we truly do want more of in life.

This might seem like too much to be true. But it is actually very easy. If I focus on what I do not want… guess what… I get more of it. Ugh, So instead, Focus on what you Love. Be Kind. Speak with Love and Compassion. See yourself as Happy, Healthy and Full of Abundant Energy. I see you as Safe, Loved, Fulfilled, Joyful, Genuine, at Peace, Relaxed… and sending abundance to one and all. Just be in the here and now. Dream Big! Anything is Possible.

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This article is from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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