You have a natural gift to help others through comfort and inspiration.

Help Others

October is focusing on Angel Akasha. This information is from the deck (Messages from your Angels, Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue), “You are a spiritual teacher. You have the ability to counsel others and help them awaken their spiritual gifts and Divine life mission.”

Angel Akasha wants you to know that you have already helped many people, just by being you. Now is the time to stretch yourself and reach even more people. Just close your eyes and take several deep breaths, do not stress over this. Your heart will communicate with you to let you know if the next steps will be through speaking, writing, art, music or something else. Just play with these ideas and have some fun.

Notice if you are being drawn to an age group: teenagers, seniors, children or adults with addictions? Maybe a cause keeps calling out to you: animals, literacy, the homeless or another area? These are simply a few choices from a plethora of options. Are you hearing any receptive messages? Do you feel called to certain areas? This is not an accident. Please pay attention. The Universe/Spirit/Divine is calling to you, Are you listening?

Smooth Sailing

Hmm… Do you even see yourself as a spiritual teacher? Some of you already feel this calling, For others, this may still be revealing itself to you. Have you given much thought to how this is actually going to happen. No worries… Maybe you easily relate to large groups of people. Or you could be someone who feels more comfortable communicating one on one. Either way, you can easily guide and direct others to their strengths one step at a time. The best way to begin is by daydreaming about what you enjoy.Or maybe night time dreams reveal a lot or bring up a lot of questions. All of this is fine. It is simply like tilling the soil before you plants the seeds.Focus on what you love and let go of all the details. Overthinking the details just slows the process.

Regardless of where you end up when you begin, it is always the right place. Think of yourself like a sailboat in the wind, literally going with the flow of the current. With your support, you are helping others to uncover and polish their hidden skills, talents and abilities. And of course this is helping you, too. Many times we need to be at peace and operate in the ‘flow’ to really connect with our creativity. To follow this path, you need to regularly dedicate time and effort to reaching these aspirations. The best part is, you are already on this path. Just keep moving forward.

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