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Angel Astara

In December, I am focusing on Angel Astara. This information is from the deck (Messages from your Angels, Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue), “You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don’t compromise.”

You may be doing a lot of wondering and questioning these days. More than your normal amount. That is ok, please no judgement. And this is not all in your imagination. You are reading this article for a very important reason. You have gifts that go way beyond those we are taught in school. Angel Astara will help you with grace and ease to accept your strengths and abilities as a heavenly gift, Because that is what they are. These are not new gifts, you have had them your entire life. But you are now at a time and place to accept these abilities and deepen your understanding of them. This is a beautiful awareness. Take it one step at a time. Be mindful of who you discus these abilities with — choose only those that you deeply trust. Have a lot of fun with this experience. Ask the angels to help you adjust to these divine abilities to process information for you and for others, if you choose.

Moving forward into 2019, the energy is actually getting lighter and easier to manage, if you allow it. Ask for angelic support as you enter the surrender, faith, flow, trust system of maneuvering through your life everyday.

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