What are you feeding your mind, body and soul?

Feed Your Mind and Body

“Through our thoughts, food, movement and intentions — we create our life!”

We really have a much larger impact on ourselves than most of us want to recognize. Every thought that you have and every word that you speak, has an impact. Make sure it is positive. What you feed your body though food and beverage, really matters. I am not saying you need to eat like a perfectionist every minute. I am simply suggesting that you change your lifestyle.

We know the fitness gyms fill up in January with people’s over ambitious New Year’s Resolutions. But by February, attendance drops, because it is just too hard to maintain. I am not using a diet plan or a strict fitness regimen. I am changing my life so that I am happy, healthy and full of joy everyday. Tell me, how does it get better than this? HDIGBTT?

Love Your Life, Move Your Body

I love my body, inside and out! And I want you to love yourself, too.

Enjoy, Diane

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This article is from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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