Unconditional Love!

Unconditional Love
As humans, we are not as reliable as the family pet when it comes to providing unconditional love. Fill yourself with compassion and try!

“How often is your love unconditional?”

When I think of the power of unconditional love, it is by far one of the most powerful energies on the planet. Hands Down! And when I pause, I have a variety of images that pop to my head. Often, the first is my dog. She always provides unconditional love, 365 days a year, every hour of every day. 24-7. It does not matter if I am in a grumpy or sad mood, have a bad hair day, or was late getting home — she is always the best dog ever. And I always feel better when she greets me. Some of the strongest reasons people are drawn to pets is unconditional love, deep connections and mutual support and care. Love is much easier when life is good. The bar really gets raised when life is complicated.

Unconditional Love

Now, we as humans are not usually as reliable as the family pet when it comes to unconditional love. However, if we approach life and our relationships with a new mindset like we are tuning into the true essence of the person and fill ourselves with an abundance of compassion — instead of quickly reacting and judging based on their age, gender, attitude, appearance, ego, job title, etc… we can turn our whole world upside down — in a very good way! Just start with baby steps.

It is actually easier than you think once you open up to the possibilities. You may choose to start with someone who is easier, and that is fine. This can be one person you know well, a collective group or a total stranger. Build your confidence. Or maybe, you are ready to tackle the one connection that triggers you the most — and shut that down first. Either way is fine, just start. Move forward in whatever way calls to you the loudest. My suggestion is to take some deep breaths and be very mindful and grounded before you begin. Remember your life is a journey… and I want you to enjoy yourself as you continue to learn, grow and blossom into the very best you.

Drop me a line, and let me know how you are doing. Diane

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This article is from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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