Focus on Self-Love!

Self Love

Yes, February is the month of Valentine’s Day and Love is in the Air. All you see is pink, and red plus hearts galore. I am very happy for everyone that is in that glorious place. Congratulations!!! Everyone is smiling and in bliss — except, when relationship love is missing or broken and you are alone and confused. Now what? Start with Self-Love and Extreme Self-Care!!! Love your amazing mind, body & spirit!!!

I found that the best place to start when you are desperately seeking the love of your life is to start with loving YOU. So even though it might sound fun — the answers you are really seeking are not found at that new hot spot in town, or the latest online dating site or with your second cousins neighbor’s best friend. LOL. The true answer to what you are looking for is first found within the shadows and recesses of YOU. Do not get scared or intimidated. It is simply like peeling away the layers of an onion. And, yes, it often brings tears to your eyes… but this is all in the healing process.


It is all a matter of being honest with yourself. Really honest and true. You have ridden the roller coaster of relationships long enough. You do not want to play these games anymore. Do not hide from your truth. The more you remember what brings you happiness and fills your heart with joy… the sooner you will attract the person who is your ideal match. First you need to fall in love with you and what you love. And along the way, you will connect with that very special someone who fills you to overflowing. So what are you waiting for. Just jump in… and enjoy Self-Love & Self-Care. Pretty soon, you will get hooked on it. Yay!

Drop me a line, and let me know how you are doing. — Diane

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This article is from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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