Patience and Faith!

Angel Azure, Patience and Faith

For March, 2019, I am focusing on Angel Azure and approaching obstacles in life with patience and faith. This information is from the deck (Messages from your Angels, Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue), “Your desired outcome will occur in the very near future. Have patience and faith, and don’t try to force it to happen.” This is powerful guidance from Angel […]

The Heart of Loving-Kindness

Loving Kindness

I am drawn to the meditation practice of loving-kindness. It has a background in Buddhism. Referred to as Metta or Maitri (in Sanskrit) which means benevolence, friendliness, good will and active interest in others.  I have heard this loving kindness practice many times. It really rings deep for me. There are written forms, You Tube videos, audios etc. […]

Find the Fun with an Irish smile!

Shamrock Fun Smile

Most of the time, we take life way too seriously. Take this opportunity to loosen up and find the fun! Collect as much green as you can (shamrocks, clothing, food, games, etc.) and plan for an enjoyable St. Patricks Day.  It began as a christian holiday honoring the passing of St Patrick. But now, regardless of your […]

Embrace your Shadow Feminine

Embrace Your Shadow Feminine

Winter is the season that we are invited to go within and get to know ourselves on a deeper level. According to the calendar, it is March. However, it still looks and feels very much like winter in much of North America with intense cold, snow or even scarier weather. And in addition, we are […]