Embrace your Shadow Feminine

Embrace Your Shadow Feminine

Winter is the season that we are invited to go within and get to know ourselves on a deeper level. According to the calendar, it is March. However, it still looks and feels very much like winter in much of North America with intense cold, snow or even scarier weather. And in addition, we are experiencing a powerful intensity in energy shifts like we have never had before! We are likely dealing with an abundance of ups and downs in our lives in a variety of forms. So, with all of this going on, now is the time to find some peace and balance within.

Embrace Your Shadow Feminine

Get to know your Shadow side

Yikes, does this headline sound scary? Give me a moment, don’t run away. Let me tell you a little bit more. This shadow side of us is the part we shy away from and we judge — assuming this is all “negative and bad.” Therefore we hide and try to pretend (to us and others) that this is not really part of us at all. Denial creates quite an ongoing challenge. The shadow side does not like to be ignored. She will get louder and louder until we take the time to notice her and get to know her.

Here is a little secret: once you allow her in, your life will keep getting better and better. One step at a time. This process can feel intimidating. I totally understand. But I will no longer keep hiding, and I have found a gentle way to softly and safely embrace my shadow side with a gentle meditation. This process is totally under your control Give it a try. You will not regret it.

Embrace Your Shadow Feminine

My Assignment for you: Use this beautiful guided meditation on the Shadow Feminine by Catherine Maguire (https://soundcloud.com/catherine-maguire-shaman) to guide you into connecting with your whole self. Now is the time to embrace your essence. Simply click below to listen to the mp3 meditation:

This is a spiritual journey that will forever change you. Consider listening to this multiple times, and even daily if you want to blossom into the best you possible. Now is the time to invite the shadow feminine to walk with you on this journey.

Drop me a line, and let me know how you are doing. — Diane

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This article is from my weekly Illuminated Insights column on the Reiki Awakening Academy web site.

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