Ingredients for a Meaningful Holiday Season — Step 2

Over the next few weeks, I will share a step-by-step process to help you achieve a meaningful holiday season.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Slow Down and Breathe

1. Slow Down and Breathe

  • Slow down
  • Relax into your true self… thru mindful time & space.
  • Choose what works best for you.(meditation, yoga, exercise, quiet time and more…)
Live with a Thankful Heart

2. Are You Living with a Grateful and Thankful Heart?

  • Feel appreciation for life
  • Use baby steps if it helps.
  • Above all— love YOU first. (ps. if that is tricky, start by ‘tuning into’ to a much younger version of you)

For my friends in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving! And wherever you are in the world, I hope you can take time today to be thankful for your blessings.

Check back next week for Step 3!

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