Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

Keep your eye on the prize

We are making some progress now, by tuning into our own feelings and desires and recognizing the power of affirmations to help us reach our goals. Let’s review what we have done so far:
a) Created a list of major goals and objectives — Dream Really BIG for 2020!
b) Developed a succinct affirmation for each of those goals — Get Started with Affirmations

Now that you have identified true and deep desires, and have turned each of them into your personal affirmations, let’s put them into visible form so you will be able to spread them around and see them regularly as you go through each day.

”Believe this is true, and the process will make it so.”

Get Started with Affirmations

Keep your eye on the prize!

  • Begin by reviewing your list of most important concise desires (Edit/Add/Delete)
  • Re-read and refine your affirmations (get inspired by reviewing other affirmations)
  • Transfer your ideas and create memorable, colorful and creative messages. Some may be hand written and others may be digital, like setting one as the lock screen on your phone! Have fun with this. Express your creativity.
  • Test out these intentions. How do you feel when you read them?
  • Repeat these messages aloud several times each day. In the morning in front of the bathroom mirror, in the car while driving to work, standing in line at the bus stop or grocery store…
  • Even if it feels like a big stretch, try it anyway — this is growth and expansion.

If these steps seem tedious or like busy work, don’t give up! It will become easier as you build it into a habit, and will prove to be well worth your time, effort and energy. This will really pay off! And your ideas and affirmations will grow and change as you expand your possibilities.

Next week we will explore more ideas for making your affirmations visible and helping you repeat them often, to turn those thoughts into action!
~ Enjoy, Diane

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