The Power of Repetition

The Power of Repetition

 Great Job with all your work on the power of creative affirmations! You can energize your efforts by creating a variety of fun notes, signs and reminders to sprinkle affirmations around so you can see them, and then moving them around to new locations. You will gradually start to overlook things if the same message is in the same place for too long. We want repetition, but we also need a variety of locations and messages. Let’s explore a little more. 

Create Reminders

Fun and Creative Reminder strategies:  

Place messages around your life in physical ways by printing, writing, or drawing notes, cards, signs, and other visible reminders to repeat your affirmations. Create digital affirmations, too, on your phone or computer. What other ways can you think of to stretch yourself a bit?

  • Put an early morning message on your bathroom mirror
  • Set and name a timer on your phone or watch to remind you
  • Add affirmations to your daily to-do list, calendar, or schedule
  • Send yourself reminders (smartphone, app, appts)
  • Use colorful sticky notes and place them where you will notice. Think about places you would see them both at home and when you are on the way to work, or other times away from home (coffee maker, running shoes, car keys, desk, wallet
  • Record an affirmation as an audio message to play whenever you have time
  • Use an image reminder
  • Put message by items you will see or use regularly (fruit, water bottle, happy face, nature scene, dog leash)
  • Put notes in your lunch or wallet for mid-day reminder
  • Recruit friends and family members to help 
  • Place end of day messages on your pillow or near your bed before you leave home in the morning.
Post It Notes

How many new year resolutions fall by the wayside quickly? We want to avoid that result, so it will take focus and determination to stick with your affirmations. Being creative and playful with visible reminders will help keep things fresh. One way that may help you is to consider using a journal everyday to track your activities, affirmations, and goals. 

Power of Repetition

Repetition does work. Whether we look at parenting, advertising, education, exercise, power of attraction, psychology and more — repetition does work. And it will work for you and your powerful and positive affirmations.

Use your affirmations regularly to become your best you!

You are amazing — keep it up! ~ Diane

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