Improving Peace, Harmony and Balance

Rose Quartz Crystals

Many people use crystals to help improve the peace, harmony and balance in their lives. Far more than just beautiful stones, crystals may help enhance the flow of good energy when used during meditation or on their own.

Rose Quartz Crystal is the classic stone of Universal LOVE

I use this stone often, and it may become one of your favorites, too. Healing can be done with rose quartz through Reiki and other approaches to healing. You can carry a Rose Quartz Crystal in your pocket, wear it as jewelry, or keep it nearby.

This stone is wonderful for romantic love, friendship, mothers love, unconditional love, kindness, plutonic love and more. It can help to rebuild broken trust, harmony and balance in relationships. This powerful quartz crystal can cleanse and purify while it calms and soothes, especially after a negative experience, trigger or grief. It can be a benefit with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. This crystal is a go-to for me and many others.

Combine Crystals with Meditation

Here is a quick, simple, 1 Minute Loving Kindness meditation you may want to try. Choose you favorite crystal(s) to use as you meditate.

This beautiful meditation empowers the connection between yourself and others to spread divine kindness to all. 

Sit comfortably and close your eyes, with feet flat on the floor. Relax completely and follow the directions. You can choose to think of one person, several individuals, or groups of people that are important to you, then repeat these phrases with an open and kind heart…

  • May you Be Happy
  • May You Be Healthy
  • May You Be Safe
  • May You Live With Ease

After blessing the ones we love, I often repeat the phrases for myself:

May I Be Happy • May I Be Healthy • May I Be Safe • May I Live With Ease

Keep moving forward, and may you find peace, harmony and balance in your life! ~ Diane

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