Using Crystals to Support Self-Love

Support Self-Love with Rhodochrosite Crystals

Continuing our discussion of crystals, this week we’ll focus on enhancing support for self-love .

Rhodochrosite Crystals can help support self-love and care

Whether you are happily in love, feeling lost and confused over a failed relationship, or somewhere in between these two extremes, you can find deep healing and self care with the Rhodochrosite crystal.

Pink is the Color of Love

Rhodochrosite is the greek word for pink, and the crystal is known by its beautiful pink color with white strands. Pink is the color of love, and the crystal can help you focus the energies of love, compassion, and balance. 

Use the Rhodchrosite crystal to magnify the intentions of your Reiki Session for increasing your self worth and helping to release any blame and baggage you have been carrying for so very long. This crystal empowers your Heart Chakra to shine as the true you. YAY!I

Combine the Crystals with Meditation

As with the Rose Quartz crystal we discussed earlier, you can benefit from the power of crystals in many ways — place them in your environment, carry them in your pocket, or wear them as jewelry are some examples.

Another creative option to connect with your crystals directly is to place these powerful gems on your body during meditation. This a powerful way to be in the moment and experience, rather than thinking about (or overthinking!) a situation.

There are lots of resources online to help you learn more about Rhodochrosite and using the healing power of crystals. has a nice explanation, along with specific meditations you can use.

You may wish to combine crystals with these techniques to increase your confidence, vision, and control of your life.  

  1. Deep breathing, grounding, flow
       — the tree analogy
  2. Connect with your calm sacred space
       Creativity — draw, create or imagine around your body
  3. Listen to your inner wisdom
       — connect with calm direct guidance
  4. Connect with your physical body
       — move, dance, walk, exercise…
  5. Tune into your emotional boundaries
       — Who am I? What will I no longer tolerate?
  6. Feel into you energy body
       — chakra’s, auric field and beyond…
  7. Allow these deep connection on a regular basis
       — daily check in’s are the best

Keep moving forward, and may you find peace, harmony and balance in your life! ~ Diane

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