Keep Calm and Just Be

Just Be

How are you doing, really? Life is feeling and looking different right now. There are many things about our personal lives and the world around us that we may not understand. Are you feeling scared, uneasy or anxious? That is ok, there’s a lot going on. Be honest about how you are feeling. I recommend you adopt a ‘Just BE’ mindset. It will help you stay grounded and enhance your ability to calmly weather the storm. 

A Few Things Can Really Make a Big Difference and Help You Just Be

  • Deep Breathing 
  • Find a grounded connection for peace of mind
  • Connect with animals, nature, or those who matter
  • Read, listen to music, move your body
  • Work on a project that matters to you

Hope In Uncertain Times Mediation

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I just made some warm and melt-in-your-mouth bread in my bread machine. It’s been awhile, and it warms my heart. What can you do that makes you feel better?

Here’s a new affirmation to try: I choose to adjust openly to anything that happens in my life.

Stay happy, healthy and strong. ~ Diane

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