Keep Calm and Think Green!

Think Green!

 It’s the season to celebrate! For those of us in the US and elsewhere, today is St. Patrick’s Day, and Spring is right around the corner. Think Green! I hope you can take a breath and celebrate joy in the season of rebirth, even with the uncertainty swirling around us these days.

My mindset is very green. I am part Irish ?, but it is much more than that. I always find inspiration and renewal when surrounded by Mother Nature. When I get outside, I feel a deep grounded connection to the earth and a sense of calm, peaceful serenity wells up within me. 

I am like a little kid!

You will find me touching leaves, leaning against (and maybe hugging!) trees, sitting or reclining on the ground, and walking barefoot through the grass.

Think Green and Take a Walk

Does nature have the same impact for you? It doesn’t matter where you live, and does not require miles of hiking through the mountains or on a deserted beach. All it requires is to find a connection that works for you. Here are a few that I enjoy — perhaps you may as well!

  • Take a walk outside — somewhere safe, where you can look at the trees and listen to the birds.
  • Look up at the Moon at night while taking deep, slow breaths.
  • Sit outside and listen to nature — if it’s hard to hear where you are, find a nearby park or garden. I like to read a book when in this type of soothing environment.
  • Smell flowers, plants or scents of nature. If flowers aren’t blooming yet, you can smell flowers at your local market. Fruits and vegetables have wonderful fragrances, too!
  • Enjoy a natural Tea or water with lemon to taste the natural world.
  • Touch something natural and soothing like I do — leaves, bark, grass, petals, or sand are just some examples.
  • Use natural, pure essential oils on the bottom of your feet, in a diffuser, or wherever you are called to use them.

All of these ideas bring mother nature into your mind, body & spirit for a deep grounding experience. I’m sure you can come up with many more if you get creative with these ideas… Finding ways to stay grounded is always important, especially now in these times of uncertainty. Keep calm, and approach life with a positive expectation of success.

And Think Green!

Inhale confidence and safety, exhale uncertainty and fear. Repeat this as often as needed.

Stay happy, healthy and strong. ~ Diane

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