Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands!

Here’s a quick meditation to help you keep calm and relieve stress. You can even perform this while you wash your hands!

  • Close your eyes for a moment.
  • Take a deep breath — inhaling calm — and hold for a moment.
  • Then slowly exhale, releasing stress & anxiety.
  • Repeat this process a few times.

Does it seem to you that our world is much more frenzied and hectic now? Especially with the pandemonium surrounding the Coronavirus, and the impact that is having around the world. It seems that there are so many things we cannot control, but there are steps each of us can take to stay grounded during times of stress.

Take Steps to Stay Healthy

Health leaders suggest that we wash our hands regularly, avoid touching our faces, and avoid large gatherings when possible. Making sure you eat a nutritious, balanced diet, get enough sleep and regular exercise, and staying hydrated will each help strengthen our immune systems. 

These are things we should all be doing to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the others in our community.

What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

I have another suggestion: Foster a mindset of Positive Expectance.

Believe that you will remain healthy, happy, and strong.

Don’t surrender to the fear and panic swirling around you! The best way to make clear decisions and reach your objectives, in any situation, is to begin with a calm and rested mind, body and spirit, with a built-in expectation of success. 

When you begin with a mindful, prepared and proactive approach, you are well on your way to building positive steps as part of healthy living. 

Rather than worrying and hoping that you and your loved ones remain healthy during these uncertain times, believe that you will. A calm, positive approach will reduce anxiety and stress, and prepare you to overcome unexpected obstacles on your path to achieving your goals. 

Wash Your Hands and Believe You Will Succeed

Believe That You Will Succeed

Use the tools we’ve been discussing over the past few weeks to feed your mind calming, positive messages. Consider adding I am healthy, happy and strong! to your Daily Affirmations. See your success in the future through Visualization. Enhance your Mindful Meditations through the power of tapping.

Positive expectance — a belief that we will be successful — can help each of us weather storms of uncertainty and fear, and help us become stronger and more confident. This approach will also set an example for others, inspiring them to achieve their own success.

Be mindful of what is on your mind. Nobody else will!

Stay happy, healthy and strong. ~ Diane

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