Spring is Here — Happy April!

Happy April — Spring is Here!

Spring is here!

This is a time of renewing, refreshing, and new beginnings. Consider taking this unusual time in 2020 to go within yourself and connect with your higher and inner self for direction and clarity or at least to reduce your inflamed sense of fear.

Fear is a natural reaction — do not hide from it. It’s much better to face this through the strength of your inner guardian. This extreme uncertainty has landed in our laps, and we likely feel a large loss of control. It is very important to honestly feel what we feel. Yet by going within through prayer, meditation, or a walk in peaceful nature, we can find an inner calm that is more powerful than anything. Spring is here! Get out and enjoy it.

Today I am talking about expansion in many ways: Mind, Body & Spirit

Spring is Here! — Open up your breath & lungs meditation with Nick Ortner

Open up your breath & lungs meditation with Nick Ortner

Give this a try. Regardless of how you are feeling right now, you will feel calmer after this meditation. Nick talks us through a very genuine connection with fear and our body and how many of us are feeling at this time.

Spring is Here! — Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing

The Carol Tuttle Healing Center: Chakra Healing

Are you curious about the energy of your body how it helps you? I am working with this plan right now and making a lot of progress. Tune in and learn the benefits of working with your own energy. Try two weeks for FREE!

Or plant some seeds — inside, outside, or just in your heart and mind!

Spring is Here! Be well! ~ Diane

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