Springtime: Time to Get Moving!

Time to Get Moving

I hope you are finding solutions to our new way of living, even with all the unknowns. Maybe it’s time to get moving and try some new affirmations, such as:

  • I calm my mind and sleep well at night
  • I feed my mind, body and spirit with healthy energy
  • I have a joyful experience with fitness. 

Let’s explore some options to keep our bodies moving so we all stay strong, healthy and happy.

Recently, when the weather was warm and sunny, my husband and I explored a nearby metro park — walking on trails (while following the physical distance guidelines) and getting in some cardio and fresh air. We saw many families out and about with children and dogs enjoying the sunshine and exploring. We even saw Bison grazing in a field, among many other lovely signs of spring.

Bison grazing in the field
Animals in this image are larger than they appear.

Walking with Bison
Keeping our Physical Distance from the Bison!

Fun Functional Fitness 

I have a great friend and amazing fitness guru I want to introduce to you. She truly makes fitness fun, believe it or not, and I have enjoyed working with her for years. She is highly educated and trained in the field of fitness, and focuses on several key elements: gain energy, get stronger and enhance your well-being. Fitness emphasizing form, function and FUN.

Let me introduce Jane Stauffer and The New Lifestyle Fitness. She recently started a YouTube channel to offer on-demand workouts in addition to those she leads in person. These sessions may introduce you to ideas that help you to take even better care of your body. 

Check out Jane’s workouts when you are looking for fitness inspiration. You can find Jane’s Workout Info in these places:

It’s time to get moving! Focus on taking care of yourself each day and finding more fun along the way. Be creative with your physical activities — even when you have to workout at home. And if you’re looking for ideas, Jane can help! 

Thinking of you and moving forward everyday. Diane

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