Curiosity Drives Change


Is curiosity part of your nature? Do you believe your life can change for the better? Are you curious, and interested in learning more about the important ideas and people in your life? What are you thinking and feeling?

Make Curiosity one of your Strengths

Once you adopt a way of approaching each day with curiosity, your life will begin to shift, transform and change for the better. You will feel the change from sitting still to moving forward, although you may not recognize that feeling at first. You will transform from the feeling of emptiness to a vibrant flow of abundance, and from being somewhat overwhelmed, to a new clarity of purpose. From fear to happiness.

This is the turning point in your life. Start here and visualize the beautiful life you dream of. Curiosity opens up endless possibilities. Change is coming.

Living Carefree – A Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Here are a list of powerful inspired affirmations (from Deepak Chopra’s teachings) to try:

  1. I accept my feelings
  2. I am enough
  3. I learn and grow through struggle
  4. This too shall pass
  5. My pain is not my identity
  6. I express myself feely
  7. I am where I need to be in the moment
  8. I matter

The more you believe in and trust the inner you, the better your life will be!

Express your Curiosity! ~ Diane

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