Reflection — Rainbows, Sunsets & Ranger

Reflection & Rainbow

Do you make time for reflection? Take a deep breath and be in the now, right now. This is the time to pay very close attention to how and where you are investing your time, effort and energy.

There is a lot shifting in the world, and in your life. Pause and notice your thoughts and patterns. Is this serving you? If not, let go of thoughts and actions (based in the past) that may be holding you back. Thank them (even if they have been tough lessons) so you can release this energy — and now welcome in what you truly desire.

Meet Ranger!

Our Newest Addition

We are having a very special week. Our family has been wanting to add a dog for some time, but nothing was working out — until it did.

Meet Ranger! He is the newest member of our family, an adorable German Shepard/Boxer rescue.

Sometimes, you need to get out of your own way, and allow life to present you with the desires that you have been asking for.

Create the world you want.

If you are struggling to find solid ground these days, change your perspective and instead create your own solid ground moving forward. Use this new energy to create what you want. Imagine exactly what you desire is right in front of you. Then make it so!

Make time for reflection, and watch for reasons to keep smiling! Have fun with this process. Trust your inner knowing. No one else can choose your path!

Namaste. Diane

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