You Become What You Believe

Become What You Believe

I completely agree with this quote by Oprah Winfrey, “You become what you believe.” What are you thinking? What are you feeding your mind, body and spirit? This is more important than you may believe! 

Originally, I envisioned many things for the year 2020, some have come true and much of that has changed. Yet, I see it all as in my highest and best overall. I am focusing more on my ‘expanded’ family, my home and my dreams. By spending more time on my personal growth and connecting to the divine goodness in the world — instead of the darkness and drama of life, I am going deeper on my path of discovery. And for me, that is an ever-expanding adcenture. 

Let Go Visualization Exercise

We all have fears, emotions and memories that bring us down. It is time to heal and let this go. It can be much easier than it sounds. If something is truly benefitting you in life, keep it, learn from it and enjoy the experience. If something is feeling more like an anchor, bringing you down over and over, It is time to let go of all this energy. The universe is inviting all of us to let go during this unique time on our planet. 

Use this ‘Letting Go Visualization” exercise to aid you in this process and be a lighter and happier you. 

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You have the power to be more than you realize. Step into your own innate power and create the life you want. 

Stay Safe, Have More Fun, Diane

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