The Power of Not Knowing

The Power of Not Knowing

The hidden power of Not Knowing is that you are willing to be open to unexpected possibilities. We need to explore the potential opportunities in our future with creativity, instead of just accepting what we have already experienced.

This openness to creating our future from our soul allows us to harness the Power of the Universe. We as humans have not been dreaming big enough. When you deeply believe in yourself and have faith and trust, you can create anything. When you visualize your success, you are unstoppable. 

The Power of Not Knowing Exercise (repeat this frequently)

  1. Dedicate a block of time that is peaceful and mindful.
  2. Visualize your dreams on a huge movie screen in your mind.
    • play them in vivid & vibrant colors
    • enjoy the amazing fun, joy, and creativity of your dreams
    • celebrate the synchronicities, enjoyable family & friendships, deepening love, exciting music, amazing adventures, songs and dance, abundance of glorious foods and beverages, soul stirring creativity, and never ending fun and non-stop adventures.

And while you are overflowing with happiness, enjoying this wonderful life you created, you will realize one day in the future that you created the rich, abundant, bountiful and fruitful life that you once only dreamed of!

Stay Safe and Be Open to Possibilities! ~ Diane

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