Revive and Find Balance

Revive & Find Balance

Revive your connection to your true Inner YOU for a more balanced life.

Now is the time to connect deep into your soul. I sense the powerful energy inside of you. Start with calmness and connection to mother earth and the divine. You are more than amazing, inside and out. You are a sensitive spiritual being, and now is the time to build yourself up — and stop handing away your energy, time, talent and abilities to others so freely and with abandon.

You have nothing to prove — stop over-giving. Stand in your power and soak in your goodness! Pay attention to your Energy Body.

Revive your connection and tune into your inner balance through a deepening and opening OM meditation. Connect down to mother earth and above to your higher self. This combination is healthy, healing and creates lasting Balance. Or, consider turning it into a “H-OM-E: meditation to feel more secure in your own skin if that feel even better to you.

Start with the “O,” inhale and reach your arms for the sky wide and tall as you are releasing the O mantra sound. Hold for a few beats as it vibrates and builds within you. As you transfer to the “M” pull the energy down your spine all the way to the core of the earth. Repeat this for a few cycles as time allows. When I use the “H-OM-E” technique it brings this experience deeper to a true feeling of home by increasing my comfort and safety. Experiment and find what words best for you…


Stay Safe, Stay Balanced, and Have More Fun, Diane

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