Revive with Positive Expectations

Revive with Positive Expectations

Join me in a free 8 day You Are Enough challenge to Revive with Positive Expectations, which will help you deepen your self confidence and self esteem.

Presented by The Tapping Solution, the “You Are Enough” Challenge begins on July 27th, so sign up now!

You Are Enough, Just As You Are!
You Just May Not Feel It and Believe It – At Least Not Yet…

— The Tapping Solution

Revive yourself with positive expectations 

Step 1: Imagine the life you want; as if you already had it! Start by using your senses. 

Dream with me — I am dreaming of a trip to a secluded private beach, where I

  • See the coastline first thing in the morning as the sun is rising,
  • Smell the coastal air and tropical flowers,
  • Hear the ocean birds and waves crashing in,
  • Taste my favorite fish & chips and cold coconut chip ice cream, and
  • Touch the sand between my fingers and toes. 

Step 2: Create this experience for yourself. What do you want, and where do you want to be?

  • See — Visualize what you strongly desire
  • Smell — Create or remember the smells that light you up
  • Hear — What sounds bring this to reality for you?
  • Taste — What flavors or textures line up with this experience?
  • Touch — How does this feel to your touch?

Stay Safe, Stay Balanced, and Have More Fun, Diane

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