Let your Lion Roar — Focus On Your Strengths

Let your Lion Roar

When was the last time you let your lion roar? You are dignified, successful and amazing. You are kind and generous with others. But, how are you with your own feelings, experiences and energy?

I bet you have been holding in your true feelings, emotions and energy for far too long. It is time to expresse your deepest and truest feelings. What have you been harboring? Some of this energy has been around a long time. Other parts may be newer. Either way, feel your feelings and let go.

Yes, you may want to do this in private. You can even start with baby steps to crack all this open. When you keep all this negativity bottled up inside, it is only hurting you. Now is the time to release your pent up energy and let your Lion Roar! Remember you are the “alpha” of your world, even if you gave away some of your power in the past. Now is the time to step into your own power with grace and ease.

Find a trusted confidant (person, animal or divine) and let it all out. After being vulnerable and releasing your burdens and heavy darkness inside — you will feel much lighter and happier. You not only let go of some baggage, you have cut yourself free from a series of anchors that have been weighing you down.

Walk with confidence, courage, freedom and grace. Congratulations!!!

Stay Safe. Stay Balanced. Lighten up and have some silly fun! Diane

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