Start a 7 Day Energy Routine Challenge

Our world is still full of stressors: with politics, pandemic, and individual concerns. Help your body feel better everyday with this short, powerful & fresh 2020 version of the energy routine challenge with respected energy Healing guru Donna Eden. Check … Read more

Take a Breather — Tune into the Current Energy

Tune into the Current Energy with this Lee Harris podcast

Tune into the Current Energy Learn new ways to navigate our world by listening to “Impact the World” Podcast with Lee Harris. Check out October 2020 Energy Update episode — Each month he provides a monthly energy update, plus offers other downloads as … Read more

Take a Breather — Meditate

Hay House Meditations Podcast

You’ve Earned It! Wow, we are dealing with a lot. Take the time to find what makes you feel better. A great resource I am using is the Hay House Meditation Podcast. There are a variety of authors and a … Read more

Revive with Positive Expectations

Revive with Positive Expectations

Join me in a free 8 day You Are Enough challenge to Revive with Positive Expectations, which will help you deepen your self confidence and self esteem. Presented by The Tapping Solution, the “You Are Enough” Challenge begins on July … Read more

Revive and Find Balance

Revive & Find Balance

Revive your connection to your true Inner YOU for a more balanced life. Now is the time to connect deep into your soul. I sense the powerful energy inside of you. Start with calmness and connection to mother earth and … Read more

You Become What You Believe

Become What You Believe

I completely agree with this quote by Oprah Winfrey, “You become what you believe.” What are you thinking? What are you feeding your mind, body and spirit? This is more important than you may believe!  Originally, I envisioned many things … Read more

The Power of Not Knowing

The Power of Not Knowing

The hidden power of Not Knowing is that you are willing to be open to unexpected possibilities. We need to explore the potential opportunities in our future with creativity, instead of just accepting what we have already experienced. This openness … Read more