Shine Bright

Shine Bright!

Are you searching for true happiness and satisfaction?

Try this… Take a Deep Breath, and Pause… now look at your choices from a fresh perspective

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Spring Equinox

Spring Crocus

The First Day of Spring is also known as the Spring Equinox. The word equinox comes from Latin words which literally mean “equal night,” the length of day and night is nearly equal in all parts of the world. After … Read more

Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy

Everything in our world is Energy. Now I want you to feel it! Rub your hands together until you feel the warmth. And then slowly separate them back & forth to feel the energy & warmth in your hands. Do … Read more

Distance Healing

How are you feeling? Are you filled with HOPE? Or, are you in living in fear, doubt and despair with your health and your future? I am passionate about the healing power of Distance Healing. Whether this is a recent concern or something that has been lingering for some time… I would love to help. 

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The Ocean

Playing on the Beach

The beauty of nature calls to me deeply and resonates to the depth of my being, and one of the most peaceful places for me is the beach and the ocean — enjoying the surf and the sand. Just being there at Sunrise or Sunset can reset my soul!

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The Art of Self Love

Rosey Glasses

The importance of Self-Care & Self-Love is often overlooked… especially in February with Valentine’s Day! Truly, it is essential for our success and happiness in all areas of our lives. I was raised, like many, to take care of others first. However, there is a big flaw in that plan.

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Disney World

Living life with MS (or any chronic disease) will get you noticed — and that was one of my biggest fears! But you can decide how others perceive you: as a meek victim with a large assortment of medical devices or an adventurous soul filled with joy, strength and courage to overcome even the toughest challenges.

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Puppy Fun

I have loved and felt at home with animals my entire life. From a child who had a parakeet and a hamster but couldn’t wait to own a horse of my own to walking in nature and in every neighborhood, city, state and national park I could possibly visit.

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Get your “Power” back… with Power Reiki!

Power Reiki

Hello, this is Diane! I am a Reiki-Master in Power Reiki: for Chronic Illness & Pain. I LOVE the beauty and synergy of this method. But, I need to back up a bit. One of the reasons I connect with this so intimately and dynamically, is that I was the patient before the healer.

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