Revive and Find Balance

Revive & Find Balance

Revive your connection to your true Inner YOU for a more balanced life. Now is the time to connect deep into your soul. I sense the powerful energy inside of you. Start with calmness and connection to mother earth and … Read more

You Become What You Believe

Become What You Believe

I completely agree with this quote by Oprah Winfrey, “You become what you believe.” What are you thinking? What are you feeding your mind, body and spirit? This is more important than you may believe!  Originally, I envisioned many things … Read more

The Power of Not Knowing

The Power of Not Knowing

The hidden power of Not Knowing is that you are willing to be open to unexpected possibilities. We need to explore the potential opportunities in our future with creativity, instead of just accepting what we have already experienced. This openness … Read more

Curiosity Drives Change


Is curiosity part of your nature? Do you believe your life can change for the better? Are you curious, and interested in learning more about the important ideas and people in your life? What are you thinking and feeling? Make … Read more

Springtime: Time to Get Moving!

Time to Get Moving

I hope you are finding solutions to our new way of living, even with all the unknowns. Maybe it’s time to get moving and try some new affirmations, such as: I calm my mind and sleep well at night I … Read more

Spring is Here — Happy April!

Happy April — Spring is Here!

Spring is here! This is a time of renewing, refreshing, and new beginnings. Consider taking this unusual time in 2020 to go within yourself and connect with your higher and inner self for direction and clarity or at least to … Read more

Keep Calm and Just Be

Just Be

How are you doing, really? Life is feeling and looking different right now. There are many things about our personal lives and the world around us that we may not understand. Are you feeling scared, uneasy or anxious? That is … Read more