What are you feeding your mind, body and soul?

Feed Your Mind and Body

“Through our thoughts, food, movement and intentions — we create our life!” We really have a much larger impact on ourselves than most of us want to recognize. Every thought that you have and every word that you speak, has an impact. Make sure it is positive. What you feed your body though food and […]

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019

“Surrender to Pure Possibility in 2019” Enjoying the journey of 2019 will be full of possibility — as long as we choose to be in the flow. May I suggest you think of this year as the time of Being, not doing. Instead of focusing on a list of to-do’s such as adding more money […]

Making Memories… with Those You Love!

Family Holiday

“Focus on the Joy.” Now is the most precious time of the year to spend with those you love. If you are concerned that certain people may push your buttons — take the time to meditate, get grounded and focus on the positive. Make the most of this time and be present for the people […]

Find the Calm in the Chaos


“Now is the most imortant time to drop the drama and focus on YOU.” Are you relaxed and full of joy during this lovely holiday season? Or is the pressure getting to you? We all have many things on our to-do list as the year is wrapping up and there are a variety of celebrations […]

Deep Listening

Deep Listening

“Meaningful relationships are not just built on what we say or do, but often by tuning-in for deep listening and really hearing what the other person is saying – without judgment or solutions.” Relationships are a fundamental element of our daily lives. One of the most essential parts of a successful relationship is being present […]

Is the Stress Too Much?


“When life feels out of control, just pause, close your eyes and breathe deeply.” It is the start of December. According to the holiday music and movies, this should be a time of peace and fun with family and friends. Unfortunately, life can also get very stressful and out of control. We can get triggered […]

Dream Big…

Dream Big

Do You Dream Big? Where do you focus your time, effort and energy? Have you heard the saying ‘you get what you expect?’ Well, it’s true. We humans like to prove that we are right in our thoughts and beliefs. If you have lots of confidence and bravado in life and you boldly go where […]

Flow Like a Rainbow!

Flow Like a Rainbow

Do you feel like events in your life flow like a rainbow, or does it seem like you have to defend yourself at work, with family and friends or even with your medical decisions? I am trusting myself more everyday. I am standing up for what is important to me, everyday. And the most exciting […]

Focus on What You Need!

What You Need

“The secret to happiness is to focus on what you need!” Diane Faist, Dianergy At first glance, this ‘focus on what you need’ mentality sounds very selfish and greedy. However, it is actually the exact opposite. Some of us are people pleasers, putting the needs of others above our own needs over and over and […]

Thrive, Not Simply Survive


“Everyday, you can choose to tap into your internal power and Thrive!” Diane Faist, Dianergy Part of being alive, is facing a variety of challenges — these can range from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual opportunities to learn, grow and change in positive ways. One of the things that has helped me the most is […]