Illuminated Adventures: October 25-28, 2018 in Dublin, Ohio

Illuminated Adventures

Are you Seeking Spiritual Enrichment? Join us for Illuminated Adventures and get Certified! We are offering an amazing weekend full of choices and opportunities. Up to 20 hours of metaphysical courses from basic development (offered at NO additional charge) to Professional Courses for $50 each- well below other vendors. Individuals looking for a fun filled […]

Are You Tuning In to your Change of Seasons?

Change of Seasons

“You were born with a valuable gift, do you trust your inner knowing?” ~Diane Faist, Dianergy We have officially been in autumn season for weeks now, but it is just now starting to look like fall and feel seasonably cooler. Hooray, I love the fall. There are many signs around me: leaves change color, football […]

Are Your In Tune with Your Body?

Listening to Your Body

“Stop overthinking and listen to the messages of your body.” ~Diane Faist, Dianergy We lead busy lives filled with a variety of people and responsibilities. Each of us is unique, yet our frustrations with how to deal with the abundance of overwhelm shows some similarities. When you choose to slow down and make yourself a […]

See Your “True” Self, Your Essence — Adorable Inside and Out!

Your True Self

“Now is the time to completely love and accept yourself. Haven’t you been judging, comparing and beating yourself up for long enough?” ~Diane Faist, Dianergy Love is a word that is thrown around very easily. It can be heard in conversations like: “I love chocolate” or “I love a sports team.” While there may be […]

Do Not Underestimate the Wisdom of an Apple

Learn from an Apple

“Learn from an Apple — if you are getting a cold shoulder from a loved one, care for yourself energetically and wait until the situation gets better.” ~Diane Faist, Dianergy Have you ever picked apples direct from a tree at an orchard? Maybe you did as a child. It is time to go again. It […]

Be Creative — Reveal the True You

Be Creative

Do not Be Afraid. Now is the time. Express your creativity in the truest form” ~Diane Faist We are all born with creativity. It takes many forms: painting, creating computer coding or baking — the list goes on and on. But this is the juicy stuff that comes from your heart and your inner spirit. This […]

Dream, Release, Surrender!

Dream. Release. Surrender.

“Now is the time to Dream Big, Release your Past and Surrender into your Amazing Future” ~Diane Faist As I have mentioned before, the energy on this planet is changing. And it is changing faster and faster. We all have a tendency to stay in our comfort zone and old habits because it gives us […]

Fun is waiting for you! Be Spontaneous or Plan it. Just Do it!

Fun is Waiting For You

“Fun is waiting for you! All you have to do is start!” ~Diane Faist We each have our own definition of fun, which is how it should be. And certainly at different ages and stage of life, that definition changes. I recently saw the new Disney – Christopher Robin movie. It was delightful, how fun! […]

Creating Balance from the Inside-Out!

Creating Balance

“Creating Balance in your life is as simple as following your Dreams!” ~ Diane Faist Is your life busy, crazy and overly scheduled at tims — like many people? Maybe you find balance and peace in your life on occasion, but have you figured out how to do this consistently? Maybe that is why you […]

Do You Recognize the Sparkling Gemstones Within You?

Gemstones Within You

“Are you aware of the depth and diversity of the hidden gemstones within You? Trust your gentle, loving guidance. Reach into your soul and retrieve these sparkling gifts. Change your life Today! Switch from Simply Surviving to Simply Thriving!” ~ Diane Faist Yes, the world is changing and evolving. The energy on this planet is shaking […]