Are Your In Tune with Your Body?

Listening to Your Body

“Stop overthinking and listen to the messages of your body.” ~Diane Faist, Dianergy We lead busy lives filled with a variety of people and responsibilities. Each of us is unique, yet our frustrations with how to deal with the abundance … Read more

Be Creative — Reveal the True You

Be Creative

Do not Be Afraid. Now is the time. Express your creativity in the truest form” ~Diane Faist We are all born with creativity. It takes many forms: painting, creating computer coding or baking — the list goes on and on. But … Read more

Dream, Release, Surrender!

Dream. Release. Surrender.

“Now is the time to Dream Big, Release your Past and Surrender into your Amazing Future” ~Diane Faist As I have mentioned before, the energy on this planet is changing. And it is changing faster and faster. We all have … Read more