Headwaters: an Audio Journey

Headwaters, an NPS Podcast

Our family has always enjoyed visiting the wonderful National Parks here in the US, and have been fortunate to visit parks around the country. Over the years, we have seen so many beautiful places, and have returned to Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain, and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks more than once. But our favorite […]

Find Your Calm

Find Your Calm

Find your calm, from the inside out, with Mediations from Deepak & Oprah. ✨ Participate in the latest free 21 day meditation either in the new app or online. This self-care is well worth the investment of your time & energy. Find your calm, and enjoy. Namaste ~ Diane

Don’t Stress, Take a Breath

Don't Stress — Take a Breath

Take time, whenever you need, for calm deep breaths and disconnect from news, social media and anything else that upsets you. Tune into the true you…the inner you and choose self care experiences that nurture your soul. What is calling to you right now? To help you with releasing anxiety, try this short tapping tool: https://www.thetappingsolution.com/blog/tapping-for-anxiety-tap-and-breathe-the-tapping-solution-app/ […]

Start a 7 Day Energy Routine Challenge

The Greatest Danger

Our world is still full of stressors: with politics, pandemic, and individual concerns. Help your body feel better everyday with this short, powerful & fresh 2020 version of the energy routine challenge with respected energy Healing guru Donna Eden. Check out her newest videos on YouTube with her latest 7 day challenge. Self-care is very […]

Take a Breather — Tune into the Current Energy

Tune into the Current Energy with this Lee Harris podcast

Tune into the Current Energy Learn new ways to navigate our world by listening to “Impact the World” Podcast with Lee Harris. Check out October 2020 Energy Update episode — Each month he provides a monthly energy update, plus offers other downloads as well. Lee has a clear view of the flow & powerful shifts in the energy […]

Take a Breather — Meditate

Hay House Meditations Podcast

You’ve Earned It! Wow, we are dealing with a lot. Take the time to find what makes you feel better. A great resource I am using is the Hay House Meditation Podcast. There are a variety of authors and a wide range of topics from getting better sleep, and different meditation tools like healthy eating […]

Celebrate Unique You — Focus On Your Strengths

Celebrate Unique You

Celebrate Unique You — it is about time! You are one of a kind. You are unique and wonderful. Decide to love and accept your own mind, body & spirit by being in the now. Stop beating yourself up over the past. Stop judging your body, your choices, or past inaction with harsh words. Being mean […]

Let your Lion Roar — Focus On Your Strengths

Let your Lion Roar

When was the last time you let your lion roar? You are dignified, successful and amazing. You are kind and generous with others. But, how are you with your own feelings, experiences and energy? I bet you have been holding in your true feelings, emotions and energy for far too long. It is time to […]

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others — Focus On Your Strengths

Don't Compare Yourself to Others

Stop choosing to compare and contrast yourself and your life to everyone else. It does not matter if this is someone famous, your next door neighbor or your co-worker. You are unique, and are doing the very best you can in this situation. And guess what, that is exactly what everybody else is doing, too. […]

Revive with Positive Expectations

Revive with Positive Expectations

Join me in a free 8 day You Are Enough challenge to Revive with Positive Expectations, which will help you deepen your self confidence and self esteem. Presented by The Tapping Solution, the “You Are Enough” Challenge begins on July 27th, so sign up now! You Are Enough, Just As You Are!You Just May Not […]